Alan Imberg is an American guitarist, composer, father, husband, “papa”,  and spiritual seeker who describes his own music as “idiosyncratic” and “experimental” (in that experimentation is a constant in all his work). Stylistically, his music has been described as “Ambient”, “post-Rock”, and “pseudo Americana”. He prefers to think of his style as the outcome of being a musical and cultural “mongrel”.

Alan began his musical career as a guitarist in several local Hard Rock/Metal bands in the San Francisco Bay Area, playing regularly in venues throughout California in a folly-ridden pursuit of a “sex, drugs, and Rock and Roll” dream that was, thankfully, out of reach. 

In the mid-1990’s, following a spiritual epiphany of sorts, Alan retired from playing in the band context to devote himself to “getting better” and, from a musical perspective, exploring instrumental guitar music of a more contemplative and exploratory nature. 

Beginning in 2000, Alan began releasing instrumental music (see the Discography page) . Citing the likes of Vangelis, Brian Eno, and Bill Frisell as inspirations, he makes music in a home studio, performing all music himself (primarily guitar with looping treatments) simply for the joy of creation that aligns with his continued pursuit for spiritual peace. 

Alan presently resides in Northern Kentucky.