Alan Imberg

"Ambient Music for
Mosh Pits"
Copyright 2018-2020 Alan Imberg. All rights reserved.
Below is a sampling of music Alan created between 1990 and 2000. Some of the recordings are rough in both composition and audio quality. This is a glimpse into his past that he would describe as "simultaneously cringe-worthy and telling of my journey thus far."
1990: "The set opener for Typhoid Mary, a "LA Strip-wannabe" band I co-formed in the late 80's. This is when I was young and chasing Rock reality, we were one of a bazillion bands with lots of hair and limited vision. This recording is from a show at the Cotati Cabaret."
"Stick It To Ya"
"Behind The Barn"
1997: "An instrumental piece I recorded for a local documentary on the history of the town of Petaluma that aired on a local public access channel."
"Elk Cove"
1998: "This was inspired by the place my wife and I spent our honeymoon at, the small town of Elk Cove on the Mendicino coast."
"Memories of Emerson"
1999: "My feudal attempt to musically convey the bits of Ralph Waldo Emerson I had read to that point in my life."