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Guitarist and Creator of Ambient Music for Mosh Pits

About Alan Imberg:

Guitarist Alan Imberg is a creator of idiosyncratic instrumental music that he would describe as Experimental in that experimentation is the common element in all his compositions.

His initial musical forays into the public were from 1985 through the 1996 when he performed as lead guitarist for various “popularity-deficient” Hard Rock/Heavy Metal bands, playing various clubs throughout Northern California.

Following a “spiritual epiphany” of sorts, he quit band performance in the Hard Rock context in favor of focus on instrumental music with the view of the guitar in broader stylistic terms. Inspired by the likes of  Brian Eno and Bill Frisell, he added the technique of “looping” to his repertoire to create music that created aural “textures”.

1997-99, Alan would venture into the world of film, writing soundtrack music for local independent Bay Area film makers.

In 2000, Alan made his recording debut as a solo artist with the piece “Overview of Water” on the Dark Duck Records compilation “Ambient Landscapes II”. This would be followed by the CD debut, “A Collection of Thoughts” in 2001.

To date, Alan has released 5 albums and contributed to two CD compilations.

Alan presently resides in Florence, Kentucky.

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